Debra Clements
4 weeks ago

I initially contacted a popular web site to receive references for an at home care service provider. I was supplied with several recommendations but one company stood out. The review indicated that the managers and staff were accessible and I found this encouraging. Once I contacted the owner of Changing Tides, Rachelle Karp, I felt the referral was accurate. Based upon conversations, I felt comfortable with setting up a meeting for a physical/medical review by Changing Tides medical staff. The entire process, which can be quite daunting, was made easy by the competent and qualified team. Management is always just a phone call away and all concerns, quite a few, raised were addressed satisfactorily. I have utilized the services for my 93 year old mother for more than six months. As I stated before, the process of finding a competent and caring company to take care of your love ones is not easy. This process was made effortless and I strongly recommend that if you are looking for at home care for a love one, you contact Changing Tides.

Ryan Binns
10 months ago

A big thanks goes out to Changing Tides, and their phenomenal staff. They were a great assist to me and my family. The people that helped me went above and beyond what we thought was possible, and it's very reassuring to know also that while they were caring for me, they were taking care of others as well.

debbie pearce
12 months ago

From the moment I called until the time my father passed, Rochelle demonstrated sincere empathy, compassion and professionalism. My first conversation with Rochelle, was a lengthy one, where she shared her own personal journey providing care for a loved one and recognized the need for quality and compassionate care. Rochelle was present for the initial assessment and was directly involved with choosing the right care giver for my father. She made it a point to follow up with me to see how we felt my about the care my father was receiving. Rochelle made us feel that she was there if we ever had any questions or concerns. The care giver that was chosen for my father was kind attentive and hard working. I believe she was a new hire however she was eager to make sure my dad was well taken care of as well as respectful of my mom who was present during his care. I know all too well that there are so many agencies that are there for the financial reasons only. I work in healthcare and have patients and their family members tell me the horror stories of finding quality and reliable care. Of course in any situation your loved one may not fit with the care giver provided so it is important for the agency to provide alternate care, most of the time that does not happen. I feel Chasing Tides is different from most agencies. Rochelle is genuine in her mission and I learned that she has personally worked with people with physical and cognitive challenges like Dementia. Which is what my father was diagnosed with. i believe her mission is to take the burden and stress out of caring for our ill loved ones. It is never easy to allow strangers to care for your loved ones but when you have a company like Chasing Tides you can take the worry out of making that decision. Thank you Rochelle!

Phyllis Hyatt
one year ago

I would totally recommend Changing Tides Home Care for anyone no matter what their medial situation is. Kim was assigned to help my parents. She is kind, considerate, compassionate, caring and competent.

Lakysha Barbour
one year ago

the staff is wonderful, very professional.

Louis Jason
one year ago

Thank you for the amazing care you provided my father! My siblings and I were extremely pleased with the quality and reliable service Rachelle and her team provided. I highly recommend Changing Tides to anyone looking for a quality, compassionate, consistent care.

Harriett Miller
2 years ago

After trying unsuccessfully to obtain reliable in-home care, for my mother, from 3 other local agencies, I had almost given up hope. Each of these home care agencies promised that we would have continuity of care via the same experienced and compassionate caregivers and yet the only consistency they provided was a revolving door of aides. That is when I luckily received a recommendation from a mutual friend who had engaged Changing Tides Home Care to care for her husband following his hip replacement. She swore this homecare agency was different and that the owner, Rachelle, was personally vested in providing Quality In-Home Care after she managed her grandmothers care for over 6 years. Since hiring Changing Tides, we found the real difference is that Rachelle and her team are committed to ONLY hiring caregivers whom they would want to care for their own loved ones and are focused on finding the right fit for both the client and caregiver. Unlike the other agencies I previously engaged, my calls were returned promptly, and Rachelle and her staff made themselves available if ever I needed something adjusted with my mother’s care. Their caregivers were professional, experienced and truly a cut above any other agency we tried. If any changes were needed, they were quick to accommodate. I am delighted to report that it does appear that Changing Tides maintains stricter hiring criteria as we continue to be EXTREMELY PLEASED with mom’s care team I am very picky when it comes to leaving my mom in someone else's care so finding Changing Tides Home Care has been an ABSOLUTE BLESSING. THANK YOU will never be enough, and I cannot recommend Changing Tides HIGHLY ENOUGH!!

Melissa Abbott
2 years ago

Deniece Byrne
2 years ago

When it was determined my grandma could no longer live alone, we searched for opportunities to keep her at home with us. After speaking with numerous agencies, I felt most connected to Rachelle. She took the time to listen to us and genuinely cared fir what we were going through. Her staff made the transition easy and my grandma looks forward to her visits with her caregivers. We are blessed to have found Changing Tides Home Care and would recommend them to anyone looking for home health care.

Sandra Kraus
2 years ago

When I chose Changing Tides from a list my father’s retirement community gave me, I knew I made the right choice. People commented on the difference their caregivers made in my father's attitude and disposition, and he was happier and not as anxious anymore. Rachelle, the owner, runs a great company. She, along with the staff are providing phenomenal services and they are wonderful, compassionate people. They also have a care log and interactive website so you can be aware daily of what care your loved one is receiving. I grew very fond of CJ, my father’s primary caregiver there, and she really went above and beyond her scope of duties many times. She was very much appreciated. My father passed away recently but knowing CJ was with him and he wasn’t alone is a blessing.

Andy Hook
2 years ago

Recently my mother required 12 hour per day personal care assistance. On short notice, Changing Tides Home Care provided the necessary assistance. They have been responsive to my mother's needs and have kept the family informed by telephone, text and portal. I am very pleased with their services.

Stephanie Cintron
2 years ago

Where do I begin.... The owner and her RN were instrumental in finding the right care staff. My mom was even pleased to have a kind, new friend whom we both felt comfortable with. The fact that every caregiver goes through extensive memory care training & certification was a game changer for me and my siblings! Thank you Changing Tides!! If you or your loved ones are in need of personal care, look NO FURTHER! You'll be glad you did!

Walter Brannock
3 years ago

Changing Tides has been a very good health care agency for bringing caring personnel to help my mom with her ADL's, companionship and light house cleaning needs.

Kierra Spencer
3 years ago

I have only been with Changing Tides a short amount of time and I already feel apart of the Changing Tides family. The supervisor Rachelle is amazing and super supportive. I’ve been having a tough time personally and she has been there to help and check in the whole time. I have never received such support from my supervisor at any other job I’ve worked at. This is definitely a good place of employment.

Allison Whiteman
3 years ago

The owner of Changing Tides has a vast knowledge in the healthcare field. Her personal experience is evident based on how she dissects each case and provides her patients with the upmost care they deserve. Her staff are caring and reliable especially during these tough times. I highly recommend Changing Tides for your personal care needs. You will feel at ease with such amazing people taking care of your loved ones.

C Walsch
3 years ago

The professionalism and compassion by both the owner and the caregivers we have used is by far the best we have come across. We have used other companies prior and none compare to what we have experienced with Changing Tides Home Care.. I would strongly recommend the services this agency provides for you or your loved ones. Thank you Rachelle and staff!

Anna K
3 years ago

Changing Tides Home Care is truly amazing and thinks of everything!! We were bringing my Mom home from rehab and were at a loss as to what she needed or how she would do at home. Like a guardian angel, the owner, Rachelle appeared and guided us through the whole process. Our aide is incredible. I could not imagine a more gentle caring soul. Then we needed to increase the number of hours and with a mere phone call we were able to increase our hours for the same evening....Incredible Customer Service! We were able to add 2 more caregiver's for the evenings and weekends. Everyone at this agency is caring and knowledgeable. If you need any care at home or even in the hospital/rehab call Changing Tides now!!!! You will be able to know that your loved one is receiving incredible care. There are many home care agencies. They are not all the same so believe me and call Changing Tides Home Care.

Nellie Loyola
3 years ago

Highly recommend this Agency! Rachelle took extra care in helping me find the best solution for my 84 year old mother, who faced cognitive challenges but was physically strong and capable. She patiently addressed all my concerns, developed a comprehensive care plan and made sure to monitor that the care being provided was up to my standards and needs. The chosen provider, Ulla, was outstanding, kind, and compassionate, able to understand where my mother was, where she should be, and what my mother needed; firmly, but kindly. I was confident mom was well cared for and remained active, physically and mentally - of course, you should also be clear about what you want, when, and how you want the care, to get that perfect solution. My only recommendation for improvement: Continue to build the Agency's pool of specialized and diverse providers. My mother wanted a provider of the same ethnicity and cultural understanding (Asian). I'm sure as the Agency gets established and grows, that will happen.

Michelle Paul
3 years ago

Changing Tides puts the heart back in healthcare. Rachelle and her team have a true heart for caring for our loved ones! ❤

Ella Jackson
3 years ago

I have worked for Changing Tides home health for over a year. I really have enjoyed working for the company. I hope we grow and succeed well beyond our expectations.

Sharrell Mariner
3 years ago

Omg where do I begin!!!! The owner is outstanding she is such a wonderful caring person! The company it’s self speaks for itself! This is like no other company I’ve known! They are changing tides and I love it!!!

Ashley Goldblum
4 years ago

My family contacted Changing Tides Home Care to take care of my mother a little over a year ago and have not had a single regret since. My family and most importantly my mother cannot say enough for how great the service has been. We had used another service previously, but were unsatisfied. Rachelle, the Owner, and Lisa, the RN, went through an initial assessment and I discovered there were questions she asked that I hadn't even thought of. A care plan was implemented (and tweaked) that worked very well for my Mom, and our family. There were clear expectations on how care would be provided and how my Mom would be cared for. Changing Tides has accommodated my mothers' needs, matching her requests & shift times with the best suited caregivers. They welcome our input on who is & isn't a good fit. Any questions, concerns or suggestions are promptly addressed. Rachelle is a constant source of knowledge, support, resolution & concern. She always makes herself available, has gone above & beyond helping me understand this "new normal". Everyone at Changing Tides Home Care has been so thoughtful and responsive - I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Debbie Reed
4 years ago

I highly recommend Changing Tides Home Care to anyone in need of care for themselves or their loved one. It has been such a comfort to know that the same caregivers from Changing Tides visit with my father daily. There are many miles that separate our family, so knowing Dad is in good hands makes it easier for us. Their kindness & attention to detail do not go unnoticed. Rachelle and her team do an excellent job at managing the schedule & offering suggestions to improve the time spent with him. They are willing to accommodate many little extras that would be difficult to accomplish from afar. Thank you again to the entire team!

Kathy Vogel
4 years ago

Changing Tides Home Care seeks to carry out our owner's vision of a tradition of care, treating your loved one like our family. Changing Tides ensures that the right compassionate, caring and professional individuals join their team. Supporting their staff with continuing specialty education programs. This benefits both the caregiver and the client. The culture is great, the staff are eager to provide services for our clients, engaging them in activities, assisting with socializing, keeping the family up to date with changes, and helping wherever they can. If you are looking for a home care agency to assist with your family member or a CNA, PCA, NA who is looking for a company that treats you as family, then Changing Tides Home Care is for you.

Hillary Fitz
4 years ago

Changing Tides employees are well trained and very passionate about providing quality care. My husband and I both work and could not properly care for my mother as her health began to fail. Entrusting your loved one to the hands of a stranger is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but Rachelle and her team assisted every step of the way. We will forever be grateful for the loving care Changing Tides provided my mother. Thank you again for EVERYTHING!